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Our Adopted Rats

Name: Ikemba

Job: Mine Detection Rat

Meet Our Past Rats: Nala and our beloved Cheeky who is now watching us from above.

Recycling Funds

2012: $105.63

2013: $118.63

2014: $56.45

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Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk

Aloha all,

Thank you to Laura, Tony and his mom Jeannie for joining me and the team in the annual Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk. It was a great event and we had fun walking and spending time looking at the booths. My favorite part was seeing, once again, the dog in a tutu walking with us!

Thank you also to those who contributed. Julie, Janet, Ilin, Rosie, Norman, and Steffi (and anyone I may have missed and those who gave their spare change to the cause). We raised $300 online and $30 in change from the collection “bottles” in the kitchen. Our team goal was $100 so we far exceeded our goal!!!

More than 4,000 people attended the event on October 21st at Ke`ehi Lagoon Beach Park and together we raised over $185,000 for Making Strides of Hawaii. With our combined efforts, we’re determined to make sure the society is there for those who are touched by this disease and the Making Strides event gives us the power to do just that. Until we win, we’re all in this together.

Walk with passion. And we’ll never walk alone.

See our photo album from the day.


13,100 Pounds of Marine Debris Removed from Kahuku! 

Wow!!! Check out these numbers posted by the Kokua Hawaii Foundation:

On September 16, 160 volunteers cleaned the Kahuku coastline at James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge, removing a staggering 13,100 lbs. from the beach for International Coastal Cleanup Day. Most of the debris were entanglements of fishing nets and ropes. 2,100 lbs. of this debris were recycled with the Parley for the Oceans project in partnership with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaiʻi. Our second location at Kailua Beach Park was hosted by Kailua Beach Adventures, with 120 volunteers cleaning 285 lbs. from the beach.

Dozens participated in the Great Sunscreen Trade-in, trading in chemical sunscreens for samples of Raw Elements USA reef-safe sunscreen. Plus, all volunteers received free samples of Bee’s Wrap, a plastic-free and reusable food storage wrap.

Steffi and I attended the cleanup events on Saturday. She at the Kailua location and myself & Steve on the North Shore. We even brought a friend of mine visiting from France along to help clean up the beach and we had a great time and made a huge difference. And we LOVE our Bee's Wrap! See you at the next one! Don't forget to check out our photo album.


Plastic Free Hawaii - International Coastal Cleanup 2017

HIC will be in attendance at BOTH of the plastic free Hawaii cleanups on September 16th sponsored by the Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation's Plastic Free Hawaii Program for International Coastal Cleanup. The locations are:

  1. Kahuku Beach (James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge; enter the gate at Mile Marker 14 and follow banners to the beach).
  2. Kailua Beach Park (hosted by Kailua Beach Adventures)

Check-in at 8:30am, Cleanup from 9:00am - 11:00am

This is also their Great Sunscreen Trade-in Event. Any attendees can bring in their chemical sunscreens to trade-in for free samples of RAW ELEMENTS USA sunscreen. All chemical sunscreens will be collected for use at a display to help ban oxybenzone in Hawaiʻi.

Please bring a hat, sunscreen & a reusable water bottle for refilling! You'll also get a free Bee's Wrap (woo hoo!) Bee’s Wrap makes reusable beeswax-based food wraps that serve as an alternative to single-use plastics!

Light snacks will be provided to volunteers.