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Our Adopted Rats

Image of Cheeky ratName: Cheeky

Job: TB Detection Rat

R.I.P: Aug 31, 2011 - June 19, 2012

Read about our beloved Cheeky who is now watching us from above.

Meet Our Newest Rat: Nala

Recycling Funds

2012: $105.63

2013: $118.63

2014: $56.45

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Adopt a Family 2011!

For Christmas this year, a group of us are going to be adopting a family to make their holiday season special. Their story is below:

My name is Joy and I live at Ulu Ke Kukui transitional housing with my boyfriend William, my daughter Anaiya (4 years old), our sons Domanant (2 years old), and William Jr. (1 month old). Before moving here we were homeless and living at the boat harbor. We both do not have a job and we are both receiving public assistance. William has been trying to find a job however it is hard for him to secure one. We are just getting by.

Our children like this new place. They have other children they can play with. They like reading books and coloring, they also enjoy watching cartoons. Domanant loves to play with balls. Aniyah would like new clothes or a doll to play with. Domanant would like new clothes or a bike. Our newest child is sickly and we have been spending a lot of time in the hospital. William Jr. is in need of clothes for when he starts getting bigger.

Since we moved here from the harbor we do not have anything. We are in need of dishes or household items. William is in need of new clothes, especially when he goes job hunting or is invited to an interview.

We would like to thank you for helping us in our time of need. Any help would be appreciated.

The deadline to have your gifts in to the office is December 16th.

Thanks to: Emily, Susan, Patrick, Lynn, Jamie, Ben, DeAnna, Sean, Caryn, Zheng, Jing and Lindsey for participating!


Volunteer Site is Live!

Today was the launch of the volunteer site! All staff are able to edit their own pages and track their own efforts within this site. As we complete our activities, I'll be blogging and taking pictures documenting all of the fun!

You can view our mission here.


The project: Day 1

Today I started working on the HIC volunteering initiative. I'll be creating a tentative calendar of dates, sending a survey to our staff members, and working on creating some HIC tshirts to kick off the project. We'll use this journal to document our activities and events, as well as logging pictures and showcasing testimonials.

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