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Our Adopted Rats

Name: Ikemba

Job: Mine Detection Rat

Meet Our Past Rats: Nala and our beloved Cheeky who is now watching us from above.

Recycling Funds

2012: $105.63

2013: $118.63

2014: $56.45

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Cool Opportunities

Volunteering typically gets a bad rap. It doesn't have to be menial tasks like stuffing envelopes, answering phones, or doing other unskilled labor for a set amount of hours per month. There are so many incredible opportunities out there. Below are some ideas to spark your creative genius!

Use your professional skills in the most effective and efficient method of volunteering you can find. Whether you are a programmer, designer, blogger, good at research or fundraising or even if you are simply are fluent in another language, you can help. And the best part, most take 10 minutes to a few hours max.

This program collects produce donations from the shoppers at the Kapiolani Community College farmer's market on Saturdays between 7:30-11:00am and distributes it to the locally grown food to organizations that help to feed those in our community who are less fortunate and have fewer choices about what they eat. If you don't want to donate, you can volunteer to work in the booth!

  • Are you an athlete?

Give back to the sport that gives you so much. Volunteer for a race packet pick up or to give water out on course. It doesn't matter whether you're a runner, a tri athlete, surfer, cyclist, you name it; there are opportunities abound. Alternately, volunteer to do some trail clearing or maintenance work, join up with the Sierra club, or have a beach clean up day. I know when I go for a run I simply pick up every piece of trash I find on the groups or organization needed, but it helps tremendously.

  • Interested in gardening?

Volunteer your time working on a farm! We've got taro farms, organic farms, all kinds of places to help. You might even pick up some free bounty in exchange for your work. PLUS you'll likely learn a thing or two about how to start your own garden!

  • Do you like dogs?

Join up with the Humane Society to be a dogwalker, foster 'parent' or help with cleaning and maintenance. Dog parks are always looking for volunteers. Even most hospitals have programs where approved dogs can work with patients. Or get permission and take your own dog to a senior home facility in your area. Your dog will love it and so will you.

  • Want to make a weekend of it?

Plan a weekend trip to Kahoolawe to help restore the land. Other neighbor islands have all kinds of programs for spending a weekend to help plant trees or complete other restoration projects.

  • Just plain don't have any time?

Think about donating blood! If you are eligible and have a few minutes on your lunch break, stop on by!


Of course, there's always the more traditional options of working in a soup kitchen, working with Habitat for Humanity, helping meals on wheels, sponsoring a food drive, or volunteering as a big brother or sister. You can field calls on crisis hotlines or even volunteer for search and rescue or disaster response.